Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Why is luxury vinyl flooring suitable for homes with pets?

Do you have pets? Do you want to have lasting floors without the possibility of having to replace them every few years? Then look at luxury vinyl floors.

Luxury vinyl and pets

We love our pets. But let’s admit, they can be rather messy at times. Whether it’s tracking in mud, bringing a dead squirrel trophy in, or having an accident, they can have wear and tear on our floors. That’s why we think that luxury vinyl plank or luxury vinyl tile is the appropriate flooring for pets. The vinyl is made of PVC, a commonly used construction material. It is a completely waterproof material. So that mud that your dog tracked in? A simple wet mop takes care of that. That accident that she had? Warm soapy water and a mop can handle it. Even the dead squirrel won’t affect the vinyl.

Composition and installation

At its core, the waterproof material we mentioned is applied to a vinyl backing and has a third layer that goes on top, a protective coating. When installed, LVT and LVP can be glued down to the subfloor or fitted together with a floating floor technique. Both LVT and LVP create a tight seal over the subfloor that won't allow anything to get into the subfloor.

The staff at Bob’s Affordable Carpets is here to serve you. Our showroom is in New Castle, DE. We serve Middletown, Newark, Bear, Wilmington, New Castle, and Cecil County. Our first and foremost priority is to help you get the floor that you desire. Our friendly staff will walk you through every step of the way, from sales to installation, to service, to ensure you are satisfied. If you have pets, rest assured, we understand the need for a durable floor. We think that LVP or LVT will be your best bet for a beautiful floor that will survive what your pet brings in. Come in and see us today!