Acclimation and luxury vinyl flooring

Acclimation and luxury vinyl flooring

If you choose luxury vinyl plank and tile, you may find acclimation is necessary. If you're unfamiliar with this service, you'll want to learn more about it.

Acclimation can help create the floors you want and need most. And here are some facts that can help you find a place to start.

What is acclimation?

Acclimation is a service that equalizes humidity between the flooring and the installation environment. For these floors, the process can take from 48 to 72 hours, depending on the home and flooring products.

Once complete, you're less likely to experience problematic behaviors like warping and buckling. LVP flooring is a perfect service for every room in your home.

How to acclimate flooring?

For these flooring materials, bring them into the room where we'll install them. Then, open the product boxes and stack them perpendicularly so air can flow freely.

We'll test for the proper humidity levels to determine acclimation completion. Then we can proceed with the installation as necessary.

Various installation techniques

These materials come with a few different installation techniques to serve your needs. For example, floating floors offer the fastest installation and let you walk on the surface at once.

LVT flooring also offers glue-down options, as well as others. And we'll work with you to find the perfect technique for your needs.

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